Skin Patching

 We offer skin patching as a cost effective way to repair potholes and rough areas in your parking lot. For those with tighter budgets, this process will aesthetically improve your lot and extend its useful life as well.


Removal and Replacement Patching and Paving

Areas that are deteriorated beyond saving by skin patching require removal and replacement. First we neatly saw cut the area to be removed, load the broken material and haul to an approved dumpsite. Next we address the problems in the underlying base material. Lastly we provide and install premium asphalt and compact using our commercial grade asphalt roller, thus providing a permanent solution to the surface.


Paving and Resurfacing

 Resurfacing an existing lot with an asphalt overlay is the most cost effective way to revamp your parking lot. Asphalt overlays improve aesthetics, provide a smooth driving surface, decreases liability from trip hazards and breaths new life into your lot.



 Sealcoating is a necessary maintenance product that lengthens useful life of asphalt by protecting it from oxidization from the sun, moisture from the weather and chemicals like oil and gasoline.


Crack filling

 It is known industry wide that the single most effective way to lengthen the useful life of an aging road or parking lot is to crack fill. As moisture seeps through cracks in pavement it weakens the underlying base material, causing damage to the surface. This damage is greatly increased in cold climate areas where freezing water expands in cracks to destroy asphalt. Crack filling creates a moisture barrier by sealing these cracks with non-porous rubber.



We specialize in new layout or restripe. Whether you want to maximize the number of parking spaces in your lot with a new layout, or simply brighten the look of an existing one, our trained professionals can meet your needs.



Asphalt Services

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