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Asphalt Control Corporation Vision:
Be the company that sets the benchmark for the industry. Stays focused on the client’s needs and adds value through the total experience of providing solutions, solving problems, while maintaining safety and superior quality. Have a talented team that embraces a culture based on Integrity, experience and results. Everyone understands their position and performs it at such a high level that we execute with seamless performance. Who we are:
Asphalt Control Corporation (A.C.C.) was started over 30 years ago outfitted to control the aging process of asphalt. Sealcoat and striping were quickly added to provide clients full service asphalt maintenance. Since the start of Asphalt Control Corporation in 1983 the company’s direction in the scope of work has changed with the industry, but the name has remained the same. We are now a full service asphalt, concrete, striping, sealcoat, and site work company. Asphalt Control Corporation (A.C.C.) is designed around and fulfills the actual needs and expectations of our clients, while protecting the investment they have made in their property. What we do: - Municipal road repair & replacement. - Commercial & industrial pavement. - Commercial & residential drive approaches/aprons. - Asphalt parking lot paving and striping. - Catch basin reconstruction. - City/municipal sidewalks. - Commercial building floors. - Grade work. - Snow removal. So where we are now: The owners of Asphalt Control Corporation (A.C.C.) have built and maintained the company for over 30 years. They have a son and a son in law and together as a group are looking to the future. Both sons are under 30 with college educations, strong field experience, and are now visioning how to take the company to the next level. The economy is getting stronger, and Asphalt Control Corporation (A.C.C.) is surrounded with the tools, equipment, trucks, and location to be successful for growth. Now we are looking for employees that have the spirit to collaborate as part of our team, the confidence to take on leadership roles, the ability to labor and a willingness to establish a career at Asphalt Control Corporation (A.C.C.). We are an owner/operator company in which everyone gets dirty. You will see the owner working with the crew at some point every day. The economy is rebounding and our hunger for growth in ourselves, the company, and a career for all of our employees is crucial to our success. It is only with employees that embrace our business culture based on personal integrity, knowledge from experience and a focus on results that the company as a whole can only succeed. This is a great opportunity to get into an established family owned/operated company with a vision for growth and strives to be the benchmark that other companies aspire to be. As a small family company we believe in employee development. We have accepted this into our company culture as a way of improving employee performance and reaching individual career goals. We want to make sure employees understand their role on the team, the task at hand, and your opportunity for growth within the company. Every role on a team has a purpose and is important, otherwise it would not exist. Employee development • Open Communication • Onsite Training • Guidance & Mentoring • Setting goals • Constructive Feedback Our five year plan is to grow the company to approximately 15 employees, and be a benchmark that other companies aspire to be. Everyone understands their position and performs it at such a high level that we execute with seamless performance. This will give us the flexibility to split the company into several task specific crews. To be successful we want to grow the company, yet continue to act small. We want to maintain an entrepreneurial attitude, and have a can do spirit of action. Please us a call today!


Asphalt Control Corporation

East Warren, Detroit MI

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